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Project Owner & Contact:

burger king del rio-gibbs

gibbs street

del rio, tx

Contact:  cive consulting


Completion Date         Construction Volume
January 2018             $960,881.00
Project Details:
After construction of a new Burger King in Eagle Pass, Tx, the owner contracted Frontera  Construction to build several new Burger Kings in South Texas. The next store was constructed in Del Rio, Tx on Gibbs Street. The first phase of the project was to abate and demolish an old motel that covered the entire site. The new store is a 20/20 Garden Grill model. It is approximately 2,866 square feet. The store is wood framed with pre-engineered wood truses. It has a EIFS, stone, brick and tile exterior wall finish with a TPO roof system. There are multiple interior finishes that include ceramic tile floors and walls, brick and stone walls, ceiling and wall elemnents, and electronic display boards. There is a full commercial kitchen with a walk in cooler and freezer. This project was completed in less than 100days.
Project Team
Cive Consulting
Frontera Construction, LLC.
Project Manager/President
Ira West


  Dec 8, 2017   admin