Pre-Construction Services

Construction Services

Post-Construction Services

Estimating We Utilize computer-based, 3rd-party, and manual take-offs to provide the most accurate construtionestimates possible. Probably the most important item of the Pre-construction phase, estimating a project scope and budget accurately is what sets us apart from other General Contractors
Budget/Cost Modeling - Our process combines projected costs, based on years of experience, with a conservative budget. This helps eliminate surprise costs during construction.
Bid Packaging - We can provide highly-detailed bid packaging to meet the most stringenet requirements of government, educational, and private entities. Our bid packages meet and exceed the guidelines set forth in the project's specifications to give the owner a comfort level with our reputation, history, and ability to complete projects on time and within a given budget.
Design Management - If involved in the desing phase, we will identiy problem areas or other deficiencies to help limit chage orders during construction. Identifying any unique situations with a project ahead of time can reduce frustrations, problems, or coordination issues during construction when timing and financial limitations are most critical.
Value Engineering Our ability to identify and price alternative processes or susbstitute items that are necessary to meet budgetary requirements will help keep your costs down. We offer a very transparent process that involves the owner and architect to provide alternatives that supply the best end results at the most budget friendly cost level.
Green Building Planning - Frontera has had experience in coordination of Green/LEED Consultations to design projects which meet the most current Green building requirements.
Construction Phasing Plans - Proper construction phasing can be very important during the remodeling of, oraddition to, a facility that will continue operating throughout construction. We have been very succesful in properly phasing our projects to reduce the impact on business operation during construction.
Scheduling In conjuction with Procore, we use Microsoft Project to plan project schedules, resulting in the most accurate estimate of construction time possible. This provides everyione, from the subcontractors to the owner, with a defined expectation of the entire project for both financial and scheduling considerations.
Status Reporting - Frontera stays in constant communication with the owner, architect, engineer, and permitting department-and with the State entity, Federal entity, or any other municipal government entity-to coordinate and expedite the project plannin phase.
Subcontrator Prequalification - Frontera's history in the construction industry has allowed us to have working experience with a wide variety of subcontractors all over the state. When entering into a new market, we use our network of architects, trusted subcontractors, and other busieness accosiates to locate subcontractors with a reputable history of conducting business in order to protect our clients and provide high-quality work.
Overall Project Management - Frontera Construction uses Procore, a vertically integrated, online, cloud-based project management system to monitor, track  and manage its large construction projects. It incorporates the owner, design team, and contractor's personnel for real-time updates on all facets of a construction project. Most projects will have a superintendent, project manager, project coordinator and office manager assigned to them who will coordinate every facet of a project, from planning to close out, to maintain a clear line of communication with the owner and design team to provide the highest level of management possible.
Safety Management - Frontera Construction prides itself on a clean safety record. We conduct weekly safety meetings and reviews to identify and control any safety concerns and conditions that are specific to each job site. We also provide strict safety manuals which describe the policies that each employee and subcontractor must agree to adhere to. We can also implement or integrate any existing company safety plan into Frontera's safety management system to comply with any company specific requirements.
Quality Control - In conjuction with Procore, our entire project team, from Management to subcontractors, strives to provide the best quality of workmanship, materials, and final product available in order to obtain the best results possible within a given budget. This is achieved through quality-control inspections throughout the project, a strict submittal policy, and multi-level verification of construction methods by our staff and the design team.
Schedule Tracking - Using Procore and Microsoft Project, we can track, monitor, and adjust scheduling during a project to keep all members of the project team up-to-date on the current phasing of a project. This allows for a real-time viewing of the final completion date and shows how that date could be affected by owner-requested changes, weather delays, or any other unexpected interruptions to the initial schedule.
Status Reporting - While there are many factors and entities involved in a construction project that lie outside of the General Contractor's control, Frontera stays in constant communication with those entities. This provides the Project Team with up-to-date information, keeping everyone informed during he construciton phase of a project. Whether it be TXDOT, GSA, or a municipal permitting department, Frontera generally has a good working relationship with them to provide the best assistance available to keep a project moving forward.
Subcontractor Mangement - This is one of the services that sets Frontera apart from the competition. We have always treated our subcontractors as a long-term investment in our success. We will not squeeze every penny out of their proposal to increase our bottom line. We want them to be part of the success of each project and for them to want to work for us on any future projects that we are involved in. Our success depends on the performance of ours subs, and our track record and the repeat business taht we have with each subcontractor proves it.
LEED Facilitation - As more and more government and private entities desire the benefits and sustainability of LEED-certified construction projects. Frontera Construction has built a growing network of contacts with LEED consultants and LEED-certified suppliers and products to best meet your requirements.
Change Management - Frontera's desire would be to complete every project without a single change order, but sometimes this is inevitable. However, the proper tracking and management provided by Frontera makes the process simple and keeps everyone immediately updated as changes occur.
Ceritificate of Occupancy - The final milestone in most construction projects, the Ceriticate of Occupancy generally marks the end of teh construction phase. Frontera's major focus is on receiving a CO which will indicate completion of a project and the satisfaction of the local and state building codes, health, fire code, life safety, and accessibility requirements defined in the project scope.
As-Built Documentation - While an architect's drawings may provide for the planned installation of a building's many systems and components, unique conditions or occurrences may require rerouting, resizing, or changing some of the building's components or systems. Frontera provides the owner with detailed drawings and specifications for all deviations from the original plans.
Building Operations - Upon completion of a project, Frontera's staff and its team fo subcontractors will coordinate with the new occupants for training of any system installed during construction. This would include a wide variety of devices or assemblies such as the HVAC system, electrical systems, fire sprinklers, landscape irrigation, acess control systems, keying, fire alarms and security systems.
Project Close-Out Manual - While a seemingly standard item in the Close Out package of a project, the staff at Frontera Construction takes pride in preparing an extremely detailed and well-organized project manual that will provide the owner and any future occupants every detail of the construction project for any questions or issues that may arise for years to come.
LEED Project Certification - From LEED Certified to LEED Platinum, Frontera's team can coordinate the final scoring and certification with the design team's LEED consultants to insure final completion of a project's LEED certification level.
Commissioning/Warranty Programs - Frontera's focus is to deliver buildings and construction projects that meet the owner's and architect's project requirements. With proper planning and execution of a construction project, we can limit punch list and warranty issues at the end of a project. Frontera and its subcontractors will provide warranty services, as defined in the project specifications, when and if the need arises.